Interwar Years: Culminating Activity on the Impact of World War One and the Interwar Period

Krista Marrs, Lesley Scowcroft with editorial help from Graeme Stacey, Liam Kelliher, Lindsay Gibson, Ryan Mansley
Brief Description: 

Which of the two time periods in Canadian history – the First World War or the Interwar Period – was more significant in bringing about social, political, and economic change?

This lesson is a culminating lesson for the Interwar Unit in Canadian history based on the criterion of “resulting in change” to determine historical significance.  It presupposes student knowledge of both the First World War and in the Interwar period.  To answer the focus question, students reflect on and organize their knowledge about the social, political, and economic impact of both the First World War and the Interwar period (1919-1939).  

Time Period(s): 
Prepared For Grade(s): 
10, 11, 12