Interwar Years: the Regina Riot

Krista Marrs, Lesley Scowcroft, Liam Kelliher, Lindsay Gibson, Mr. Ryan Mansley with editorial help from Graeme Stacey, Tom Morton
Brief Description: 

Who was to blame for starting the Regina Riot of July 1, 1935?

In this lesson students will interpret primary and secondary sources about the Regina Riot to make a judgment about who was to blame.  This lesson will have students consider the aims and conditions in the Relief Camps, the reactions of R.B. Bennett during the On to Ottawa Trek, the actions of the RCMP, and the actions of communist party members during the On to Ottawa Trek to decide who was at fault for starting the riot.  Students will be expected to develop their skills using historical evidence to come to a plausible conclusion on the topic.

Time Period(s): 
Prepared For Grade(s): 
10, 11, 12